Shattered Glass AV & Staging, a respected South African rental audio visual
company active in the corporate realm, have invested in 12 Robe Robin DL4X Spot,
8 Robin Pointes and a new Le Maitre MVS Hazer.

“We are terribly excited,’ said Richard Horwell of Shattered Glass. “It was time to
upgrade, but we didn’t want something that would be discontinued in two years’
time, but rather equipment that would have a long shelf life.’
Richard came across the DL4 Range at the Robe stand at Mediatech 2015, Africa’s
largest advanced technology trade expo. The Robin DL4X Spots were purchased
from local Robe supplier DWR Distribution and delivered a couple of weeks ago. The
units have gone straight onto shows and are being enjoyed by the crew. “The
Pointes have all the usual selling pointes,’ added Richard. “They are multi-functional
and that makes them very appealing.’

In October last year, Shattered Glass purchased their first Le Maitre MVS Hazer.
“We were so happy that we had to have a second,’ he smiles.

Duncan Riley of DWR is grateful for the continued relationship with Shattered Glass
over the years. “Thank you to the entire team including Mick Landi, Adriano Landi
and Richard Horwell,’ said Duncan. “We trust the new fixtures will not disappoint
and we will be there for back up all the way.’

Improved, brighter version of the ROBE RGBW LED module allows the DL4X Spot
fixture to utilize the specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra
smooth, stepless operation especially at minimum brightness levels while giving
colour outputs brighter than a 1200 Watt discharge unit, but with an average very
eco-friendly power consumption of only 250 Watts.

To magnify the already perfectly smooth colours, fades and dimming, the DL4X
features innovative LED driving system for improved, extremely high definition
dimming curve for all R, G, B, W colours, with 18 bit resolution. The optical system
produces a very smooth, high quality light output of rich, beautiful colours with no
shadows and utilizes a versatile zoom of 10 – 45 degrees.

Effects features consist of a combination of static and rotating gobo wheels that
have custom replaceable positions, variable frost, three-faceted prism, superfast
iris and more… including full range dimming and variable strobe effects.

It’s very bright and super-fast with a sharp parallel beam that cuts through the air
and across video with ease. It can project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce
precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane. Tight or at full 20
degree zoom, the output is crystal clear and brilliant. Add in either rotating, 6 way
linear or 8 way circular, prisms to create wide reaching effects across any set.

Drop in the frost filter and use any of the 13 rich colours to create a smooth even
wash. The Pointe has an output far greater in size, quality and power than seems
possible from its small, lightweight body – due to the efficient short arc 280 W
discharge source and the Robe optical configuration. This new technology fixture
even travels efficiently in a case of 4 and will cover all your needs – Beam, Spot,
Wash, FX – there is no point in using any other fixture.