Generally recognised as a well-trusted brand in audio, Shure Incorporated is celebrating its 90th year as an industry leader in professional audio. From its humble beginnings as a one-man company selling radio parts kits, Shure now offers a diverse portfolio of wired and wireless microphones, listening products, personal monitoring systems, phonograph cartridges, and conferencing and discussion systems.

Shure products have been used by such luminaries as Martin Luther King Jr, Elvis Presley, and every US president since Lyndon B Johnson.

There have been many milestones in Shure’s 90 year history:

• The introduction of the first single-element unidirectional microphone, the Unidyne, in 1939 changed the way microphones are made to this day; an accomplishment that was honoured with an IEEE Milestone Award in 2014.

• The SM57 and SM58, developed in 1965 and 1966 respectively, remain two of the most popular and widely-used microphones in the world today.

Several recent additions to the Shure product portfolio have set new standards for audio quality and performance. The Shure Axient Wireless Management Network was the first wireless microphone product to detect interference and automatically change frequencies. SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones feature a ground-breaking low-pass filter, a true subwoofer that enables deep low-end performance without sacrificing clarity or detail. And, the soon-to-be-released MOTIV digital products are a new plug-and-play microphone line suited for individuals looking to capture high-quality audio for vocal/acoustic recording, podcasts, YouTube videos, field recording, and more.

“Our founder, Sidney N Shure, was dedicated to creating products of exceptional sound quality, durability, and technical innovation,’ says Sandy LaMantia, president and CEO of Shure Incorporated. “His vision, combined with the passion, expertise, and creativity of our Associates has led us through 90 years of success. We are very appreciative to all of our customers and channel partners for their support over the years.’