Leading local technical supply company Sound Stylists recently took order of 24 Ayrton WILDBEAM-R automated luminaires through local distributors Sound Harmonics.

Ayrton, a French lighting company making steady headway overseas, is a relatively new brand in South Africa but is gaining traction because of their innovative products such as their acclaimed MAGICPANEL. The WILDBEAM-R, the smallest moving fixture in the RADICAL range features 7 x 15 watt individually controllable LED RGBW sources paired with high yield 67mm collimation optics. The fact that each LED source is individually controllable means they can produce effects such as dynamic colour and a beam that animates around a central point while providing an overall output of 2500 lumens and a centre beam intensity of 380 000 candelas. Total power consumption is a relatively low 130 watts. Central to its design and mobility, the WILDBEAM-R features next generation three-phase stepper motors for quick and precise movement.

On why he chose to invest in the WILDBEAM-Rs Kevin Glover, co-director at Sound Stylists says, “We liked the idea of having individual pixel control. We are thrilled, frankly. They are well made and the lighting guys are impressed with what they can do with them.’

“We are excited to be able to supply Ayrton to such a prestigious user, and looking forward to see Sound Stylists utilise the fixtures to their full potential,’ says Sound Harmonics director Richard Smith. “We have had a long relationship with Kevin, and Sound Stylists, and our focus has always been on building quality relationships so we are pleased to be able to offer a solution to them.”

The debut gig for the WILDBEAM-Rs was the 2014 Presidential Inauguration. According to Glover, their main use was for “eye candy – it was a day event so we didn’t have to “light’ so much as create a look.’