The Sun City Theatre, also known as the old Extrav Theatre, in the North West Province, South Africa, has invested in two Robert Juliat Victors. The Victor is the first 1800W followspots on the market.

“Actually, we had our eye on Robert Juliat and wanted to get this brand for quite some time now,’ commented Reg Habib, Lighting Manager at Sun City. Eventually the need, opportunity and availability came together and the followspots were purchased from DWR Distribution.

“The Robert Juliat Victor is a beautiful looking piece of equipment, excellent in design, and great to operate,’ said Habib. Amongst features like hot strike, it has a smooth dimming ability that can be adjusted with one finger, without looking away from the stage or moving a hand.’

Habib says a lot can be said for buying brand names. “Obviously quality creates desirability. The expected life and the after sales support is a huge draw card when purchasing a unit that has to be reliable for many years.’

The units were purchased expressly for the Sun City Theatre where they will work six days a week, year in and year out.

As these workhorses hardly get to rest, Habib opted for the Robert Juliat Victor on a GT 4000 stand. “We find this an excellent combination, the unit does not generate a lot of heat against the operator’s face, and the smoothness and balance on the stand is outstanding. It makes follow spotting a lot easier, even fun. What more can I say, this is a great piece of kit.’