TDC-Technical Direction Company, is embarking on development of a new Studio
space along with further investment in d3 Technologies Pro range of media servers.

Designed to be a hotbed for creativity, The Studio will enable project stakeholders
to create and implement ideas using emerging creative technology solutions. “Our
history has always been about bringing the latest technologies to the market in this
region, we are heavily invested in ensuring that we offer emerging solutions when it
comes to 3D modelling and previsualisation for shows, as the future of video
evolves,’ said Michael Hassett, CEO at TDC. Within the studio environment TDC
clients will be able to see how any project looks during early design phases enabling
them to adapt and experiment with new ideas to ensure maximum audience impact.

To coincide with the new studio, TDC has joined d3 Technologies Worldwide
Strategic Partner Programme providing the full spectrum of d3 expertise across
server functionality, training and expert advice.

“Having utilized d3 servers now for several years we realized the commitment of
the d3 team behind this powerful solution, our relationionship as a Strategic Partner
allows us to work side by side with the developers at d3, this is invaluable in future
technology development for both of our organisations,’ explained Hassett.

“We’re excited that TDC has joined our growing list of d3 strategic partners
worldwide,’ said Desmond Yim, d3 Regional Sales Manager, APAC. “Establishing this
strategic partnership between d3 and TDC is going to be a turning point for d3 in the
Southern Hemisphere. We can now more easily and confidently provide the full
spectrum of d3 training, expert knowledge and solutions.’

To ensure TDC is able to provide the highest levels of support for the d3 machines,
TDC’s Media Server Specialist, Steve Cain, has become a d3 Certified Trainer.

“I’m excited about our continued investment in d3 media servers, it reflects our
commitment to leading the way as video experts in the region. I’m a big advocate
for d3’s powerful performance features, I can’t wait to work with our clients in the
studio environment where we can take the client experience to the next level in
previsualization,’ said Steve Cain.

TDC staff are expertly trained and certified at d3’s Technologies headquarters in
London and are on hand to provide training to local companies.