The C SEED 201, designed by Porche Design Studio, is an object lesson in minimalistic
design and elegance. At 4,6m in height and 5,11m (201 inches) in width, the C SEED
201 is the world’s largest outdoor LED television.

The C SEED 201 is the ultimate el fresco entertainment experience – designed to be
neatly stored away in an underground water-resistant chamber. At the push of a
button, it seamlessly arises and unfolds in a mere 40 seconds.

The display consists of seven panels that use more than 780,000 LEDs which are ten
times brighter than any usual TV display. This enables watching TV in any daylight
environment, including direct sunlight. No need to wait until the sun sets to be
entertained. The C SEED 201 processes image data up to 100,000 times per second –
this is 500 times the refresh rate of a modern TV – enabling it to display 281 trillion
radiant colours.

The screen can also be adjusted in height and rotated 135 degrees each way at the
push of a button – should you find yourself in a comfortable position off centre.
When C SEED set out to create the world’s largest outdoor TV, it required the best
sounding retractable open-air speaker system. L-Acoustics was the obvious technology
partner of choice with their matchless sound engineering expertise. L-Acoustics’
passive speaker technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing and
powerful brilliance. Each speaker projects a 110-degree beam angle, enabling the
system to cover even large-scale terraces while providing a thoroughly solid, stable
sound experience.

These are genuine high-end speakers, built to faithfully reproduce every last nuance
of a beautiful violin solo or the rich texture of a great movie soundtrack, even on
windy days. For massive performance, they are built into one-piece metal casings,
precision-machined out of massive blocks of aluminium. This provides the ultimate
resonating body which makes the most of every single note, from delicate piano
passages to screaming guitar riffs.

The C SEED is the proud winner of one of the world’s most prestigious industry
trophies, the Red Dot Design Award.

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