With its new “Every Story Starts with an Idea” video, Powersoft, a world-leading
manufacturer of professional power amplifiers, seeks to deepen the brand’s
connection with its customers, partners and professional audio-oriented
professionals, while reaching broader audiences via YouTube, Vimeo and other
interactive social media platforms. The video explores many of the key attributes
that have made Powersoft a leading international audio manufacturer: innovation,
teamwork, research, energy and many others. The narrative utilizes compelling
video and imagery, capturing the people behind the design, engineering and
manufacturing process.

“Every Story Starts with an Idea” takes viewers through a ‘day by day’ experience
at the company through different vantage points. From the very first scenes in the
video, Powersoft makes it clear that the essence of its brand is its people: product
designers, researchers, engineers, assembly line workers and warehouse
dispatchers. The visual narrative also illustrates a singularly defining characteristic
within each of these people: passion. As the video takes viewers through the ‘life of
a product’ — from lab conception, to assembly, to warehouse dispatching — passion
is the common ingredient, and indeed the engine, that ties together each phase of
the creation process.

“This video communicates the essence of Powersoft in an emotionally captivating
way,” commented Francesco Fanicchi, Head of Brand and Communications,
Powersoft. “It celebrates the drive and ideas that come from our people, all the way
from the dream of a new product all the way to its end-user application. While the
video is just over two minutes, it encapsulates a story that has been repeating itself
each day since when the company was founded in 1995.”

“‘Every Story Starts with an Idea’ is a very direct expression of the Powersoft
brand,” commented Luca Lastrucci, CEO at Powersoft. “Our goal was to express the
passion and authenticity that makes Powersoft an utterly unique competitor in the
professional audio landscape. We do this by looking through the crisp lens of all of
the people involved in the life of the product, each of whom share the same
extraordinary degree of passion and commitment.”

The video reflects a broader communications approach by Powersoft, which will
soon involve the creation of product videos for new products — each delivering
emotional scenes that leverage highly detailed framing and photography.

“There are of course many benefits in utilizing film and video for marketing
purposes, most of all engaging consumers,” added Fanicchi. “But we like to use
video to communicate corporate values while making it easier to educate, entertain
and inspire. Through visual storytelling, a company is able to engage with audiences
on a deeper emotional level, while encouraging action. It’s also a lot of fun!”