When it comes to high-tech control solutions for LED, architectural and lighting equipment, Visual Productions BV, established in 1999, are leaders in their field. The Netherlands based company have recently appointed DWR Distribution to distribute their products in South Africa and across her borders.

“With an ability to ‘speak’ just about any language, from Art-Net to sACN, OSC, UDP, KiNet, TCP, Real-Time clock and NTP time synchronisation, Visual Productions offers a control solution that is the pinnacle of show control,” said Jannie de Jager, technical training and support at DWR Distribution. “The units are able to communicate to every protocol known to lighting and AV technicians.”

He explains that the purple boxes will convert any incoming signal to trigger any command to perform any type of task in a system. From Art-Net to Contact closure to UDP to OSC, any protocol can be cross triggered on the network and even be wirelessly controlled either by the native Kiosc app or any other 3rd party OSC command based apps. “The units also serve as a DMX playback unit which could stream a DMX show when triggered,” he added. “The units integrate perfectly into any existing lighting system to manage or control, lighting fixtures. They don’t look like much, but the software is what makes them so powerful. That is where the magic starts.”

DWR Distribution initially came into contact with Visual Productions when working on an elegant lighting installation in the gardens at Sun City. Needing a system that would control the Anolis installation, Bruce Riley decided on Visual Productions. A number of DIN Rail multi-protocol boxes were dotted around the garden, which powered all the fixtures along the pathway installation, creating a DMX network. Security beams were used to trigger the boxes so as people walked along the pathway; different lighting sequences are played out.”

Visual Productions has a lighting control family that DWR will use to fulfill both sides of the market, namely installation, architectural and entertainment. “From an installation point of view it will offer universal control in venues such as conference rooms, boardrooms, presentation rooms and outdoor architectural spaces,” said Bruce Riley of DWR. “From a show control point of view for tools, it is key to certain markets that we’ve lacked in. The product is backed by good people, and the support thus far has been amazing. We can definitely build a great future together.”

When Visual Productions’ sales manager Zoë Castle met with the DWR sales director Robert Izzett at the recent Prolight+Sound show, it was made clear that her belief in the strength of DWR as a Distribution company was correct. With a sales team of about 12 people located around the country “DWR is excellently structured to facilitate growing the knowledge and sales of our solid-state controllers across the region. DWR work within markets including Architectural, TV, Retail, and Venues where our products are a perfect fit.” Zoë concludes that “we all at Visual Productions are excited to be working with such an established and renowned company, safe in the knowledge that DWR’s commitment, technical expertise and enthusiasm for the lighting controllers that we make, will bring their market presence to a much-deserved level.”