Demonstrating the passion that is needed to create and use products far ahead of
any competition “Every Pixel Counts’ is a 3-minute video revealing what it takes to
develop, manufacture and operate the world’s greatest media server in an
entertaining way.

Specially filmed at AV Stumpfl®’s research and development area at their
headquarters in Wallern, Austria, the video was directed by Matt Finke, owner and
founder of loop light and produced in collaboration with (real) staff from loop light
and AV Stumpfl. Its release coincides with AV Stumpfl’s presence at the
International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) and its first public screening will take
place at the AV Stumpfl stand #8.C58.

The video can be found online at

Matt Finke is the new AV Stumpfl Brand Ambassador

Matt Finke and his team are creating stunning shows impressing thousands over
thousands of people. The loop light team is internationally famous because of their
dedication to creativity, performance and sovereignty in their profession as well as
their projects. For loop light their equipment is not just a necessary tool – it is the
meaning of their very existence.

The passion of the AV Stumpfl team is to develop, manufacture and service the
most powerful and highest quality products. They are constantly working hard in
pushing the limits of what is physically and technically possible – because it is what
they love to do.

The strategic partnership sees both companies will work closely together in the
future with the mutual goal to maximise creative possibilities for clients, bringing
them to brand new level.

loop light adds Wings Engine Raw media servers to their portfolio

loop light will invest in Wings Engine Raw media servers to be able to offer this
platform to their customer shows and installations.

Matt Finke said: “With Wings Engine Raw, our clients have the opportunity to play
their content as brilliantly as they imagined it, without any limitations.’