South African rock band WONDERboom is currently travelling the country with their Best Side Story tour, promoting their new album, Rising Sun. Following a stellar performance at the recent FBT launch hosted by newly appointed local distributor TV Audio, WONDERboom have taken the FBT sound system on tour with them, with TV Audio managing director Peter Berry’s blessings.

There are few South African rock bands that have demonstrated the staying power of WONDERboom, having rocked South African and international audiences for more than 20 years.  Cito, Martin Schofield and Wade Williams, the founding members of WONDERboom, have been writing songs and performing together since the early 1990s. The band are currently touring the country with their Best Side Story tour, visiting a wide range of venues and thrilling fans both old and new with hits such as Never Ever, Jafta Rebel, Something Wrong, Green Fever, Charlie, On The Radio, Karaoke Bar and their more recent hit, Ooh La La.

Following the announcement that leading entertainment technology distributor, TV Audio would be taking on the local distribution of world-renowned audio brand FBT, Chris Andrews of Brand Agent, approached Cito and the band on behalf of TV Audio and requested them to appear as guest artists at the official launch of FBT’s new product range in July.

“Chris Andrews approached us with the opportunity to demonstrate the FBT system at a launch event held at Constantia Hotel earlier this year. We jumped at the offer because FBT is such an awesome brand, with a very solid international reputation,” Cito stated in a recent interview.

“We were extremely impressed with the quality of the FBT system at TV Audio’s launch, and we have since started touring with the FBT systems, using it for gigs where the venue does not have an existing PA,” says Cito. He goes on to state that he and the band have been incredibly impressed with the FBT sound system, provided by TV Audio.

“The frequency response of the main system is outstanding, and perfectly suited to the clubs and restaurants where we have been performing over the past few months. The clarity of sound and coverage is remarkable for a system of its size. Also, the stage monitors offer a beautiful frequency range that is perfect for intimate and medium-sized stages. It is truly a sublime setup,” Cito concludes.

WONDERboom will be taking the Best Side Story tour to a number of venues in the coming months. For more information visit