When St. Alban’s College in Lynwood, Pretoria were looking to build their new chapel, they were looking to audio visual contractors that were able to understand the authenticity of the venue, maintain historical value to the building and provide a functional, high performance as well as aesthetically pleasing audio and visual solution.

Wild & Marr, through the dedicated service and support to the college provided by HNR Technologies, were awarded the opportunity to provide a complete turnkey solution.

The scope of work required high quality audio in a very acoustically challenging environment, while adhering to strict guidelines so as not to disturb the architecture and interior design. In order to get the required result, the audio system comprised of 2x JBL CBT1000 column array speakers, complimented with 2x JBL CBT1000 LF Array Units.

With the flexibility of CBT1000 speaker settings, even coverage of the lower and upper balcony was achieved, with minimal impact from acoustic challenges, using only a single JBL CONTROL-28-1 speaker for side fill on an upper side balcony. The CBT speaker systems were powered by Crown Xti-6002 power amplifiers, with a Crown XLS-1002 power amplifier for the single side fill.

Inside the control room, two JBL LSR-308 monitor speakers were deployed for close monitoring and reference within the room, as well as a Soundcraft Si-Impact digital mixing console with remote stagebox for use in function scenarios, as well as simple service and assembly. Microphones within the venue include Shure BLX-R wireless handheld and bodypack systems, along with Microflex podium microphones. All equipment processed and managed via BSS Blu series DSP and control, managing audio as well as switching video.

In terms of visuals, St. Alban’s college opted to implement a combination of Sharp 65” and 55” professional displays, outputting full HD with KanexPro CAT distribution and matrixing. Using the additional functionality of the BSS Blu audio DSP, full switching controlled via the BSS control panels.

For more information, please visit www.wildandmarr.co.za.