The Word and Life Church in Sunward Park, Boksburg, is an Apostolic Faith Mission church with a congregation of around 13 000, and an auditorium for services that can seat up to 3 000 people. Prominent local AV company Prosound recently installed its first Meyer Sound Leopard array in Africa into the church’s auditorium. Explains Prosound’s technical sales manager Lee Thomson, “The client considered a few options, but chose Meyer Sound and Prosound based on our long standing relationship with them, and the fact that Meyer Sound is the premium loudspeaker brand offering the latest in fidelity and uncoloured linear audio reproduction.

“From the technical and sound coverage points of view the venue is tricky, but we were expecting this, since we had done the previous installation in the venue. There are a few rigging challenges in terms of weight loading in the roof. We had to span trussing to spread loads and still find suitable rigging positions for the loudspeakers. We utilised Meyer Sound MAPP, their on-line SPL prediction programme, to predict the coverage in the room.’

As Thomson explains, the church already owned a Meyer Sound system, which had been installed some years ago, by Prosound. “The previous system consisted of 16 Meyer Sound M2Ds, which we installed about 10-years ago. We decided to refurbish and re-use these loudspeakers in conjunction with the new Leopard loudspeakers. The M2Ds were placed to cover the outer areas of the venue and the Leopard on the inner sections. We also added 6 900-LCF single 18′ sub-bass loudspeakers that were also flown. The venue shape is unusual and poses some challenges in that there are pillars blocking sight lines and aircon ducts and trussing blocking loudspeaker coverage, so we had to design and install carefully.The whole install took about two-weeks, and we also provided basic training on the Calisto DSP. However, the church’s technical team are experienced, so it made the training fairly straightforward.’

Comments Word and Life’s production and IT manager Dewaldt Visagie, “We have a diverse and vibrant congregation with a wide range of sound requirements for our different services. We’re very happy with how the new Leopard system is handling them all!’