Well known for its popular lines of stands, parts, and other accessories for
musicians, Proline announces its new Musician Lights collection of lighting solutions.
These long-lasting, cool, LED-based lights are suitable for a wide variety of musical
applications, illuminating everything from music stands to mixers, racks, laptops,
and more. Eco-friendly and easily affordable, Proline Musician Lights deliver more
than 100,000 hours of visibility. Six models are currently available.

Proline’s PLD4 and PLD4A Dual Arm Flex Lights deliver precise lighting for music
stands, mixing desks, repair stations, and more. These models feature two
separate, highly flexible arms, each of which sports two bright, power-saving LEDs.
Four brightness levels let you customize the lighting for your needs, while a sure-
grip clip ensures the lamp stays in place. The PLD4 can be powered by three AAA
batteries or via the included USB cable, while the PLD4A can be fuelled by three
AAA batteries, USB, or the included AC power adapter.

The Proline PLU2 Single Head USB Light is perfect for laptops, mixing consoles,
effect racks, and other devices that have USB port availability. It boasts two bright
LEDs that provide more illumination than comparable single-LED products and offers
two brightness settings for customizing your lighting. A flexible neck enables
precision lighting and coil-away storage.

Eyestrain from reading music in poor light is a thing of the past, thanks to the
super-bright, 10-LED Proline PL10 Clip-On Music Stand Light. This outstanding
orchestra music-stand light provides a wide, even illumination pattern and offers
two brightness settings. Its flexible neck enables precision lighting and coil-away
storage, and its clip also can function as a freestanding base. The PL10 runs on
three AA batteries or the included power adapter.

When you need a lightweight, portable lighting solution, rely on the Proline PL24
Music Light. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, this compact utility light
supplies an eye-pleasing 24 bright LEDs for wide light dispersion and offers three
brightness settings, all delivered in a convenient, space-saving, fold-away design.

Finally, when you need to see around, behind, under, and in between-which is to
say, at every gig and studio session-disperse the shadows with the blazingly bright,
high-contrast, single-LED Proline PLMF Musician’s Compact Flashlight. This pocket-
sized, “must-have” problem solver offers a sure-grip design and a tough metal
housing to endure the stress of gigs and studio life.

For complete details, visit www.prolinelights.com.