Avid NEXIS is the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualisation for any media application. This powerful system delivers unrivalled media performance, scalability, and reliability to accelerate production in the most media-intensive environments.

  • Get on-demand access to a shared pool of centralised storage that can be quickly provisioned and repurposed. Tailor and tune each workspace’s capacity, performance, and drive protection to the project and client and conveniently manage the system through the Avid NEXIS Management Console.
  • With 9.6 TB, 19.2 TB, and now 38.4 TB of flash SSD storage available for Avid NEXIS|E2 SSD engines, you get the access speed, increased throughput and reliability you need to accelerate 4K mastering workflows.
  • Powered by the common Avid NEXIS|FS file system, Avid NEXIS easily scales to accommodate the smallest teams to the largest media enterprises, offering up to 6.4 PB of total storage and more than 25 GB/s of bandwidth in a single system.

For more information, please visit www.jasco.co.za.