The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered video conferencing system custom-designed for the huddle workstyle, and is easy to use, deploy and manage. It combines codec, camera, microphones and speakers into a single device that integrates with a 4K display to bring more intelligence and usability to all huddle rooms and spaces. The Room Kit Mini is ideal for huddle spaces with three to five people because of its wide 120-degree field of view, which allows everyone to be seen. It also offers the flexibility to connect to laptop-based video conferencing software via USB. The Mini is tightly integrated with the industry-leading Cisco Webex platform for continuous workflow, and can register on premises or to Cisco Webex in the cloud.

“The Room Kit Mini takes everything great about the latest Cisco series of endpoints and bundles it into a small cost effective package. It is also their first endpoint to provide pass-through functionality for use with soft clients on laptops, which is a game-changer. Auto framing, people counter, analytics and the smart new AI features mean this device provides great bang for buck!”

Anthony Olivier

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