The Moving Mirror that allows you to bend and shape light without ever losing it

Not all the lighting equipment on stage must be a lighting fixture. Claypaky introduces a new tool for lighting designers to expand on their creativity called REFLECTXION, the next generation moving mirror.

This moving mirror has a highly reflective 390 by 280mm mirror, featuring up to 99% reflectance without chromatic aberrations.

REFLECTXION can redirect beams of light from any stage light with the same intensity as it receives them. The unit offers 540° PAN and unique, continuous TILT movement at adjustable speeds. Furthermore, the REFLECTXION’s mirror is the same on both sides giving you two highly reflective surfaces with which to direct light beams.

Using the same omega clamp hanging system as with all Claypaky luminaires, this compact moving mirror can be used virtually anywhere on or off stage in any working position. For control, the unit uses only six DMX channels and pan and tilt resolution are both 16-bit for precise movements. The unit’s onboard LCD menu system is very user friendly and makes addressing and setup a snap.

The REFLECTXION is a simple, yet effective tool that adds a touch of magic to any light show.

You can see the new Claypaky ReflectXion at LDI (booth #1447) and at JTSE (stands 81-82)

Main features:

  • • Size of mirror: 390x280mm (15.4”x11.0”)
  • Mirror type: 99% reflectance without chromatic aberrations (double sided)
  • 540° pan and 360° continuous tilt movements
  • 16-bit Pan and Tilt Resolution
  • Adjustable rotation speed