Electrosonic SA is always looking for new and clever products to make life easier and recently secured the distribution in South Africa of a simple and amazing little time saver at a very cost-effective price point.

Introducing THE SNAP

SNAP is an innovative truss tool that revolutionises the attachment and organisation of cables and power outlets in truss constructions.

Because of its ease of use, SNAP saves time during set-up and dismantling. Cables can be laid significantly faster due to simple handling, which can be accomplished with one hand. SNAP also eliminates the need to remove old adhesive residues from your materials. Use of the reusable SNAP not only reduces your ongoing costs for adhesive tape, cable ties, etc. but also protects your materials by eliminating the rough tearing off of electrical tape attachments.

The clamp is compatible with all trusses and scaffolding having chord tubes measuring 48 mm to 51 mm. Mounting is also possible in otherwise unused brace areas.

For more information contact sales@electrosonic.co.za