Freelancer Josh Ireland is a young lighting operator who spent seven months at the Gearhouse Learnership Academy, has worked as an operator and tech for one of South Africa’s special music bands, The Parlotones, and is currently doing animation and marketing for websites and social media. He recently enrolled for an MA E-learning course, which is offered free of charge, and three days later was grandMA2 certified.

Joshua Ireland

“The MA University is very pleased that over 3,200 learners have enrolled for different MA courses,” reported Daniel Kannenberg, technical support at MA Lighting. “To date, the grandMA2 user training has been completed by over 1,000 learners.”

Joshua Ireland, a South African participant, has a dot2 on PC and is hoping to own a dot2 or grandMA2 in the future. “The on-line course was definitely helpful, and I learned a lot from it especially the MA tricks,” said Josh. “It was very simple to use and easy to understand. If MA ever offered an Advanced Training session on this platform, I would love to participate.”

The MA E-learning course is broken up into videos, tasks and exercises.  “On the one hand, MA E-learning is a great addition to our hands-on training, enabling the user to recap the content and go through topics at their own speed,” Daniel comments. “On the other hand, it is a good learning opportunity for those who do not have hands-on training available in their region. We are very happy to provide them with good tuition on this platform.”

For Joshua, the greatest benefit of training on-line was being able to do the course anywhere at any time.