L‑ISA empowers the presentation of sound as a multidimensional art. The technology is enabled by a comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem that adds new tools – the L‑ISA Processor and the L‑ISA Controller – to the familiar performance and reliability of L‑Acoustics loudspeakers, amplified controllers and prediction and control software. The L-ISA experience is achieved through speaker deployment and by object-based sound mixing, placing sound objects in a 3D space. Instead of hanging speakers to the left and right of the stage, speaker hangs are placed across the stage, on the sides, and even throughout the venue in order to immerse and envelop the audience in sound.  

Nominated by: Adriaan van der Walt, Multi-Media

With L-ISA technology, you have more tools at your disposal, and the result you can achieve is so much more sophisticated and elaborate – it’s not a case of simple, standard fixes anymore. This is definitely the natural progression for audio: more outputs mean a quantum shift towards a more natural experience for the audience.”

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