LightAct has combined the release of a new version of its flagship software with the launch of a new generation of its Pro media servers.

LightAct 3.3.0 enables Notch & Unity playback. Together with Unreal Engine, this brings the number of supported real-time render engines to 3. And that’s on top of its internal particle engine called LightEngine.

LightAct also launched a new generation of Pro servers. Now they come in 2 families: Pro Solo and Pro Sync.

Pro Solos are 1U servers designed for single-server installations. The models are ranging from the affordable Pro Solo 400 designed for smaller lighting installations to high-end Pro Solo 6000 boasting the Nvidia RTX 6000 Quadro graphics card.

Pro Syncs are 2U servers designed for high-end multi-server installations. They come in 2 versions – one with one RTX 4000 and the other with one RTX 6000 Quadro GPU. Both have the ability to framelock and genlock.

Mitja Prelovšek, the founder of LightAct has said: “We are extremely excited about this new version which offers us and our users so many new opportunities. We believe that Notch playback together with a brand new range of servers that are focused on real-time content will expand the number of applications LightAct is suitable for.”

LightAct 3.3.0 and the new generation of Pro servers are available now. For more information, please visit