DMX-Workshop, the free software application for lighting network management, analysis, configuration and diagnostics, is available in a new version for download. It offers functionality across many protocols, including Art-Net, sACN, DMX512, RDM, VLC and DALI.


The latest version contains numerous improvements based on work done at the recent (pre-COVID19 lockdown) PLASA PlugFest in Lille. This annual three-day event welcomes manufacturers, developers and technicians from across the continent to test their products and learn about the latest protocols. As in previous years, the event was a sold-out success story; it looks forward – on many levels – to even bigger and better things in 2021.

 DMX-Workshop dimmer curve editor

Most notable among the DMX-Workshop software improvements is the curve editor for sunDial, the trailing edge mains dimmer from Artistic Licence. sunDial holds a PLASA Gold Innovation Award for its sheer versatility and performance characteristics.

Using DMX-Workshop, users can now define whether they want sunDial to generate a linear or log response. The latter results in a very smooth low end curve – a major benefit for dimmable replacement LED bulbs, which often perform poorly in this range.

Free custom dimmer curves

Artistic Licence is keen to stress that the days of flickering and unusable LED replacement bulbs are over! To this end, the company has put in significant R&D effort into developing custom curves for a growing range of widely available bulbs.

 The curves are freely available for anyone to download from the sunDial lamp research database, which can be found on the main sunDial product page.

 To access the free DMX-Workshop download, click here.