The Martin VDO Atomic Dot WRM hybrid lighting and video fixture, also available in a CLD colour temperature variant, combines a small blinder, compact strobe, video-pixel and small spotlight. By combining a video-controlled Aura backlight and a bright blinder/strobe dot in one fixture, lighting designers are empowered with greater creative potential to make a bigger impact with audiences than ever before. Integrated support for P3, DMX, Art-Net and sACN eliminates the need for additional interface boxes and on-board P3 eases pixel mapping and using the product as a video controlled blinder or strobe.  VDO Atomic Dots are ideal for rental customers and lighting designers working in concert/touring and TV show sets as well as supporting corporate and nightclub clients.

Nominated by: Guillaume Ducray, AV Unlimited

“My recent investment in the Martin VDO Atomic Dot has stood out for me. Martin Professional came out with the P3 Protocol a few years ago and we were introduced to it with the Martin LC+ Video Panels. As the protocol grew so did the products around it. My first big investment was the Martin Sceptron 10s which have hands down been one of the best products I have even invested in. The ease of use, the flexibility and the reliability have been phenomenal. After two years of owning the Sceptrons, the Atomic VDO Dots have now been added to my inventory and have just gone out on their first show. The VDO Atomic Dot is top quality product from Martin that we have come to expect over the years. These amazing little dots are inspiring LDs to create new looks and challenges literally show by show. With amazing support from Electrosonic , anytime anywhere, investing in these was a no-brainer for us.”

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