The Q-SYS Core 510i processor is an audio, video and control processing system that leverages Intel CPUs and motherboards as well as a dedicated Linux real time operating system developed by QSC to provide class-leading capabilities for AV systems of any scale. The Q-SYS Core 510i processor offers the most flexible audio I/O of any Core in the Q-SYS Ecosystem, perfect for applications that require a diversity of analogue, digital and networked audio connectivity. It features eight on-board I/O card slots that can be populated with any combination of Q-SYS Type-II I/O card, allowing diverse connectivity options.

Nominated by: Estian Els, Mosaeik Teatro

“QSYS Core products are simply phenomenal. We use ours to run our PA system and our LED screens, and the performance is second-to-none. [The designers] have given a lot of thought to the user interface and the real time processing capabilities of the system are incredible.”

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