The new ESPRITE LED automated luminaire has a fast-change, low-cost, transferable light engine – ingeniously solving the problem of performance longevity for those preferring the higher brightness of white source LEDs as an obvious replacement for their aging stock of discharge workhorses. The self-referencing, data capturing WTE 650W (White Transferable Engine) LED source allows for rapid and economical “lamp-like” exchange to give the fixture a life well beyond those of non-user replaceable LED sources. Performance has not been compromised with the 27,000 lm fixture output producing a piercing 85,000 lux at 5m. The comprehensive feature set includes: Flat field CMY mixing; variable CTO, two fast colour wheels; one indexable and rotatable gobo wheel; a fixed gobo wheel CTO filters; 6-facet rotating prism; 1° soft edge and 5° wash type frosts;  an animation wheel and spectacular multi-colour effects.

Nominated by: Christiaan Ballot, Blonde Productions

The Esprit is big game-changer, and with the 650W White LED chip it gives us the brightness of a big discharged fixture but with the no noise, no heat and the low power consumption benefits of an LED Fixture. The Transferrable LED Engine is also a huge money saver in the long run and gives you a longer life span on the fixture.”

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