On 26 February, ETECH was invited to the 2019 Sennheiser Sound Academy Technology Workshop, held at The Venue at Midrand.

Engineers, technicians, distributors and integrators gathered to learn more about the company’s comprehensive range of wireless microphone solutions, as well as to pick up tips from Jonas Naesby, one of the world’s leading authorities in wireless RF technology.

Sennheiser South Africa’s James Futter welcomed guests, before international sales manager Uwe Marks took to the stage to give some background on the company’s history and current operating profile. He explained that in a little over 70 years, Sennheiser has grown from a “farmhouse start-up” to one of the world’s leading pro-audio brands, with its state-of-the-art Innovation Campus in Wedemark measuring 7 000m2 and providing work to more 1 250 full-time employees.

Marks also took the time to congratulate James Futter and Sennheiser South Africa for receiving a 2019 Top Sales Country Partner Award.

Naesby gave a fascinating overview of the concept of spectrum and how it relates to the research, development and deployment of wireless microphone technology. He explained to the crowd how South Africa is almost uniquely placed to exploit wireless technologies, due to the large amounts of ‘open spectrum’ available to us.

He also gave some expert tips on how to calculate operational range, helped troubleshoot problems relating to frequency coordination and introduced those in attendance to some exciting new wireless products, such as the XS series of wireless solutions and the top-of-the-range digital wireless microphone system, the D9000.

Punctuating Naesby’s engaging presentations, musician Robyn Ferguson gave a demonstration of the XS wireless system in a guitar rig set up, impressing the crowd with her metal guitar chops while having the freedom to perform and move around the room without any cords attached.

With other new products – such as the evolution G4 series of microphones and the revolutionary Memory Mic – also making a strong impression, the Sennheiser Sound Academy Technology Workshop provided a great introduction to the wireless microphone technologies set to dominate the South African pro audio landscape in 2019.