Sierra Video, a trusted name in high-quality video and audio equipment for the worldwide broadcast, post-production, staging & rentals, presentation, professional video, government and military marketplaces, recently launched the SVG Multi-viewer.

The SVG Multi-viewer uses a modular architecture, allowing customizing of inputs in groups of four up to 20 inputs with the additional HDMI input on each output module. The three input modules consist of the CV/SD module (auto-sensing CVBS & SD/SDI), the 3G HD-SDI module (auto-sensing SD-HD/SDI) and an HDCP supporting HDMI module (with EDID). There are two output modules available: VGA output with a cloned HDMI output or HD-SDI output with a cloned HDMI output (to 1920x1080p). Dual output systems require identical output modules.

The SierraView SVG Modular Multi-viewer can handle up to 20 high-quality, auto-sensing inputs (Composite, SD-SDI, HDMI and HD-SDI up to 3G) plus an HDMI input located on each output module a€” for a total of 21 inputs displayed on a single HDMI, VGA or HD-SDI monitor (or up to 18 inputs on a dual output system).

The SVG Multi-viewer supports customizable layouts, real time audio and video monitoring with alarms, waveform displays, and UMD & tally from switchers and routers. It fits into studios, broadcast facilities, command / control centres, and in production and post-production editing suites.


• Multi-format input combinations with four inputs per module

• Auto-sensing CVBS/SD, HD-SDI (up to 3G) and HDMI input modules

• Flexible output option: either single or dual display: 4:3, 16:9 and free-form

• Output resolutions up to 1920x1080p in either VGA, HDMI or HD-SDI

• Selectable analogue and digital clocks, on-air timer and countdown timer

• Dynamic UMDs & Tally information from routers and switchers

• Supports format display of input signals with AFD information

• Supports audio monitoring and full-screen video output

• Alarms for frozen or black video, video loss, and audio silence or excessive level

• Built-in web server via RJ45 for configuration and remote control

• SNMP, TSL and GPS serial timing

• 1RU frame with dual power supplies included