In today’s ever-fast-changing world it is important for people to remain on top of their game when it comes to the ever-advancing technology of the Live Events Industry. Dylan Jones from DWR Distribution attended the Green Hippo’s Hippotizer Training Session “HippoSchool’, a 2-day workshop held at the London Head Quarters to make sure he could provide the latest insights into the Green Hippo Product Line.

HippoSchool is designed to teach everything required to programme Hippotizer media servers for a show, covering topics such as Media Manager, DMX control, Pixel Mapping, VideoMapping and Timeline Programming amongst others. Attendees were given the opportunity to get “hands-on’ with the servers manufactured by Green Hippo. Annalisa Terranova, senior training manager for HippoSchool, hosted the 2-day training workshop.

“I love the FlexRes Codec optimised for the media servers, the built-in Visualizer for exporting videos of looks for clients and most of all SHAPE software integration all delivered by a simple user interface in Hippotizer,’ says Dylan.

Advanced SHAPE training was done by Lanz Short, Product Specialist for SHAPE. This training covered advanced configuration, alignment and post-processing. Dylan also received Hardware and Software support training to better serve the current Green Hippo owners in South Africa.

A highlight for Dylan was Montane+, the latest addition to the Green Hippo Line up. Montane + is a dedicated Real-Time Graphics machine, Hippotizer Montane +, features 2DP 1.2 outputs, delivering the latest technology and graphics processing power for 3D Mapping and real-time generative content with a 2 Year NOTCH Playback License included.

Dylan remains confident in the potential of the product range and its capabilities in the live events and installation market within South Africa.