AJA Video Systems is taking orders for KUMO 6464, its new compact 3G-SDI router
with 64 3G-SDI inputs and 64 3G-SDI outputs for high quality, cost effective signal
routing in a small form factor. Extremely compact in design, KUMO 6464 facilitates
long cable runs, minimizes signal interference and fits seamlessly into an array of
broadcast, production, post and AV environments.

Ideal for any installation where a balance of size and routing capacity are critical,
KUMO 6464 provides powerful signal control and offers the ability to route video
with embedded audio to BNC outputs with auto reclocking of SDI rates. It joins AJA’s
family of KUMO routers, which includes KUMO 3232, KUMO 1616, and the KUMO
1604. KUMO routers can be configured for ganged dual and quad port routing,
allowing users to group together multiple inputs and outputs for Dual Link, 4K and
UltraHD workflows. This allows seamless routing of uncompressed or Raw 4K and
UltraHD signals throughout a production or post facility.

KUMO 6464 Features:

— Standards up to 3G-SDI: SMPTE-259/292/424
— Quad-Link, Dual-Link, 4K/UltraHD with multiport SDI switching for 2 or 4 sources
at once
— Connectors: 64 BNC inputs and 64 BNC outputs
— Impedance: 75 ohms
— Reference Input: Analog Color Black (1V) or Composite Sync (2V or 4V) Looping,
— Auto Re-clocking SDI rates: 270/1485/2970 Mbps
— Auto Bypass of Re-clocker
— Pass through rates: 3 Mbps — 3 Gbps
— 1x RS-422, Grass Valley Native Protocol
— 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ-45), REST API
— Embedded web server for remote control on a standard web-browser

“KUMO 6464 offers incredibly flexibility and extensibility for any scenario where
routing of multiple signals is required,’ said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video
Systems, “Our newest addition to the KUMO family of products offers the same
quality, value and reliability that AJA customers expect, with the increased density
our customers have been asking for.’

Orders can now be placed for KUMO 6464 through AJA’s worldwide reseller network
at a US MSRP of $7,995; product will ship next week. For a complete set of features
and technical specifications, please visit: https://www.aja.com/products/kumo.