Amagi, a leader in cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV
advertising, today announced a new managed playout service designed to simplify
video content preparation, management, and delivery for broadcasters by
leveraging cloud capabilities. Utilizing the end-to-end cloud-based service for
content delivery, playout management, ingest, asset and archival management,
quality control, traffic and scheduling, and 24/7 monitoring, broadcasters can
dramatically increase workflow efficiency, reduce costs, and gain complete visibility
of and control over their playout. Amagi will showcase its complete technology
offering at IBC2015 in Amsterdam, 11 – 15 September, at stand 2.C23.

“Faced with the challenge of delivering more content to an ever growing number of
devices, today’s broadcasters need scalable, flexible, and cost-effective playout
solutions,” said K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi. “Our next-generation cloud-
based service transforms the way broadcasters handle video content, enabling them
to distribute content more efficiently and cost-effectively on a global scale. Building
on our successful CLOUDPORT infrastructure, we are now providing automated,
technology-driven services, and a partner marketplace to provide a completely
managed playout service to TV networks.”

By deploying Amagi’s new cloud-based service for content delivery and playout
management, broadcasters can speed up the origination and distribution of content
to platforms and affiliates anywhere across the world. Based on a hybrid
architecture consisting of cloud-management and edge-playout solutions, Amagi’s
approach enables content owners to move assets through fast file-transfer on the
Internet, or transport content into the cloud infrastructure via portable storage
methods. The assets are then automatically ingested and transcoded on the cloud
into required formats, archiving the content as needed. The service features an
automated content ingest workflow with built-in heuristics to automatically prioritize
assets scheduled for earlier playout, thereby ensuring smooth operations.

Amagi’s next-generation playout service enables asset management on the cloud.
Broadcasters can store and archive all necessary assets without requiring a large
capital investment, as is the case with traditional asset management platforms.
With built-in replication, the cloud is disaster-resistant and provides easy
collaboration across multiple sites. Amagi’s cloud-based approach to asset
management also provides broadcasters the ability to easily alter the content for
VOD and OTT multiscreen delivery.

Leveraging an elastic compute infrastructure, Amagi’s new playout service provides
highly scalable file-based automated quality control (QC) for all ingested assets on
the cloud. Amagi enjoys strategic partnerships with media service providers
globally, providing an additional layer of manual QC of content on the cloud via
easy-to-use workflows.

Amagi’s managed playout service also includes advanced scheduling and traffic
capabilities with real-time visibility through Amagi’s cloud UI. 24/7 monitoring is
provided on all feeds originated through Amagi’s cloud-based playout service.

More information about Amagi and the company’s products is available at