AMX, a HARMAN professional brand, recently released the AMX 10″ Modero X Series G5 Retractable Control Panel. Majestically rising out of the table, it stands tall, ready to command the room as only a Modero X G5 can. Majestically rising out of the table, it stands tall, ready to command the room as only a Modero X G5 can. Featuring unique and unmatched AMX functionality, this head turner saves space while freeing meetings of distractions.

AMX Touch Panels have consistently led the industry in award-winning design and innovative features. The Modero X Series G5 Retractable is the latest example in this long line of ingenuity. Its precision-glide motorized mount raises and retracts with the press of a button. It’s just as easily activated via NetLinx® control – triggered directly, through macros or via room occupancy. The hideaway design saves space and ensures that high-end rooms retain their styling by remaining flush with the table when closed. To ensure a superior customer experience, the panel is both sleek and strong, featuring a unique hinge design to ensure it remains sturdily in place, whenever users press on it.

Designed specifically for dedicated room control, AMX Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels feature fast and smooth animations and transitions, along with a quad-core processor that provides more than enough processing power to run the most demanding applications today and in the future. It also includes several industry firsts including a beautiful, panoramic capacitive multi-touch screen, Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, Camera, Microphone and Bluetooth connectivity. A built-in web browser and document viewers are also included as standard Modero X G5 equipment. The distinctive, low-profile Modero X design is engineered to sit perfectly on a table without obstructing views, and comes with a variety of mounting options for added security and convenience.

“When I saw our new Retractable Modero X glide into place for the first time, I knew right away – this is definitely a new direction for Modero X,” said Rashid Skaf, President, AMX. “I’m extremely proud of our panels’ timeless design but it’s nice to be able to provide our customers with options of retracting their panel out of sight or keeping it in view – either way, they’re in control.