ArKaos PRO and High End Systems are very proud to announce an exciting new
software collaboration which delivers simple, seamless, fast integration of video
and lighting control. The two companies have worked in close cooperation to create
a new Auto Patch feature which enables any Hog lighting console to take control of
an Arkaos media server, quickly and easily, at the press of a single button.

The new Auto Patch feature allows any Hog lighting console to automatically detect
and configure itself to any ArKaos media server and its MediaMaster software, so
the lighting designer/programmer can patch the media server with just a simple
button-press. This means lighting designers can skip the time-consuming
configuration of DMX channels and universes, and focus instantly on the creative
part of their job.

“High End Systems is the first console manufacturer to forge such an association
with ArKaos, and we are very proud to say ArKaos is the only media server that
requires zero configuration to be operated through a Hog console,’ says ArKaos PRO
CEO and software architect, Marco Hinic.

“We are very happy to be working with High End Systems because there is a great
synchronicity between our two companies’ ethos,’ says Agnes Wojewoda, ArKaos’
managing director. “Arkaos works continually to develop products based on
operational simplicity and accessibility for users of all levels. This latest
development is no exception as it guarantees better integration of our media
servers with the Hog consoles and opens up a new, faster and more flexible way of
working for all lighting designers.

“The Arkaos and High End collaboration sends out a strong message to the lighting
industry that there is no longer any need to use complex and complicated tools to
create spectacular shows. This new technology has brought those days to an end.
Now is the time for accessibility and simplicity, and ArKaos is proud to be at the
forefront of these innovations.’

“The Auto Patch feature further improves productivity and ease of use across the
entire Hog family of controllers,’ adds Jonathan Kemble, Control Systems Software
Manager at High End Systems. “Both novice and experienced users will greatly
benefit from Auto Patch through decreased complexity and time spent on setup.
High End Systems is excited to be working with ArKaos to provide tools that
integrate seamlessly and maximize designer’s creativity.”

The new Auto Patch feature will be incorporated as standard into ArKaos
MediaMaster PRO software and all Hog consoles including the Hog 4, Full Boar 4,
Road Hog 4, HedgeHog 4, and the Hog 4PC software. To see it in action for the very
first time, visit the ArKaos stand (Hall 3, Stand C67) at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt
(5-8 April 2016, Messe Frankfurt) where Arkaos servers will be shown in tandem
with a number of High End System Hog consoles. The new Auto Patch feature will
also be shown on the High End Systems/AED stand (Hall 4, Stand D59).