Ashly Audio is now shipping Dante™ digital media networking solution with all their nXe, nXp, Pema and NE Series networkable amplifiers and signal processors. With as many as 42 amplifier configurations, from 125 to 3000 Watts per channel, Ashly products cover a wide range of power options and feature settings to appeal to all integrators who want seamless audio integration from within a broader network system.

This past year has been a major growth year for the company – expanding amplifier families and continuing to dedicate their efforts towards expanding software development and achieving better integration. With low latency, robust synchronization, I/O scalability, and simplicity of installation via standard IT technology, Dante has significantly enhanced the power and value of Ashly’s networkable amplifiers line and select signal processors.

“Our team is committed to supporting the network audio installer and consultant communities,’ says Anthony Errigo, director of marketing communications at Ashly. “Our partners cover a wide range of installations from small pizza shops to large stadium venues and we want them to have all the audio tools readily-available to suit their environment. We’ve dedicated resources to make Dante fully-functional within this product category. Dante has simplified the transport linkage between our products and various endpoints throughout the audio system – and we’re very pleased with where this technology is headed.’