AV Stumpfl® is making significant upgrades to Wings Vioso RX media server
platform enabling best image quality and multi-user workflow. Show creators can
realize their vision designing even more efficient and creative! Highlights include:

During live events, working files are backed up whilst everything is made ready and
approved for playout. Workingwith uncompressed image sequences requires
consideration of things beyond the bare playback performance. If large files from
creative agencies or clientsarrive at the last minute it can be very time consuming
to transfer large content from point A to point B.

Wings Vioso RX has addressed the problem of working with uncompressed image
sequences by building the whole workflow to assist with last minute content
management and transfer.

On top of that AV Stumpfl’s hardware is equipped the Dual 10 GBit network cards to
ensure fast and redundant data transfer, and AV Stumpfl offers certified Network
Attached Storage (NAS) systems and 10 GBit switches for flawless operation.

The data management and transfer workflow of Wings Vioso RX software does not
require all data to be physically copied onto the “Master’ server. Instead, the data
can be copied – either by a third party or agency – to the NAS and assigned as
“Proxy Objects’ in the timelines. From there, the individual contents can be pulled
directly by “Slave Servers.’

Using Wings Vioso RX, multiple operators can collaborate on the same media server
outputs in real-time and is ideal for large-scale and demanding media applications.

Lastly, AV Stumpfl adds a powerful, real-time pixel mapping engine to deal with
displays of different resolutions, physical dimensions and shapes. The mapping
matrix can be imported from a CSV table and edited and applied in real time.