Next to be released in this year’s plethora of new products from Ayrton is the first
in its new extreme XT Series, IntelliPix™-XT.

Yvan Péard, Ayrton’s visionary Chief Design and Technology Officer, has developed
the XT Series an optimised range of luminaires designed specifically for large-scale
venues using the largest and most efficient optics on the market.

Designed in the same creative spirit as Ayrton’s original IntelliPix™-R, IntelliPix™-
XT is a versatile fixture that uses Ayrton’s new, specially developed, 126mm
diameter optics to produce extremely slender, 2° beams.

IntelliPix™-XT is fitted with nine ultra-powerful, low-profile, RGBW multichip LED
emitters, arrayed in a 3×3 matrix, that produce a fantastic parallel shaft of light –
intense, sharp and incredibly coherent – over a long throw distance. Each emitter
can be controlled individually and, coupled with the new proprietary 126mm
diameter optics, pushes the limits to deliver its slimline 2° full beam with a record-
breaking centre-beam luminous intensity of 580 candelas per lumen.

The combination of emitter and 126mm optics with a next-generation power supply
unit results in over 95% efficiency, ensuring IntelliPix-XT can run continuously at
full power without any loss of performance.

IntelliPix-XT’s minimalist physical design reduces the fixture’s visual footprint,
essentially making the luminaire semi-transparent. A highly adjustable yoke system
enables each IntelliPix-XT unit to be used individually to generate complex
assembled shapes. Alternatively, when used in conjunction with its highly precise
coupling accessory, multiple IntelliPix-XT fixtures can be perfectly positioned to
create large-dimension 3D volumetric lighting effects in motion.

Ayrton’s new IntelliPix-XT is the refined, sophisticated solution to matrix and effects
lighting on a large scale.

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