Ayrton constantly works to extend the scope of lighting designers’ palette by
maximising the features and characteristics offered by its products. As part of the
raft of new products released for 2016, Ayrton has launched the MagicDot™-SX as
the next in its new SX range.

MagicDot-SX is a compact, hybrid version of Ayrton’s MagicDot™-R, which was
awarded LDI Product of the Year 2016 in the Effects category. MagicDot™-SX
combines the qualities of its award-winning cousin with the added features of a
zoom capability and Lumen Radio wireless connectivity.

Its newly-developed, revolutionary 8:1 optical zoom has a fixed transmitting lens,
no visible moving parts, and delivers an incredible zoom range of 5° to 40°. With its
94 mm diameter collimator positioned close to the transmitting lens, MagicDot™-SX
delivers a tight beam with up to 75% optical efficiency, while the short stroke of the
zoom system permits MagicDot™-SX to switch from intense Beam mode to
sweeping Wash mode virtually instantaneously. Together, these extend the scope
of the beam options to offer exciting new possibilities for stage and event lighting.

MagicDot™-SX has identical physical dimensions and lens diameter to its MagicDot-
R cousin, and is capable of the same ultra-quick, infinite rotation on the pan and tilt
axes. This makes it the most compact washlight and fastest zoom moving head on
the market.

The design of MagicDot™-SX has been carefully considered to ensure great
compatibility and graphical interactivity between MagicDot™-SX and MagicDot™-R
so they can be used in combination to create incredible new visual compositions.

In addition to DMX-RDM control, MagicDot™-SX can be controlled via wireless CRMX
TiMo RDM from LumenRadio™.

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