Barco is further expanding the power of its wireless presentation and collaboration system – ClickShare. New software releases for the ClickShare CSM-1 and CSC-1 units bring a number of exciting features that further enhance the collaboration experience in ClickShare-enabled meeting rooms.

For the CSM-1 Base Unit, the most important new feature is the auto-layout function. This allows two persons to share content on-screen at the same time. “A CSC-1 set comes with four Buttons, and four persons can share content simultaneously,’ says Jan Willem Brands, Barco’s VP Collaboration. “Because a CSM-1 set comes with two Buttons, we now enable two side-by-side windows on the screen. Sharing content with an easy auto-layout, without the need for a moderator, is an integral part of the ClickShare DNA and will make collaboration using CSM even more attractive than it already is.’

In line with its dedication to the BYOD trend, Barco is proud to announce the unique capability to fully mirror the screens of Apple devices using the CSC-1 Base Units. This means that whatever you see on the mobile device’s display – including data, images and video – is immediately shown on the central meeting room screen, without the need for an Apple TV or a specialized app. Full mirroring using Samsung Galaxy devices with ClickShare is already possible today.

Two additional features should be highlighted as well:

The option to disable the wireless access point of the ClickShare Base Units and integrate the Base Units in your corporate network. This feature allows the ClickShare Buttons, or the mobile devices using the ClickShare apps, to connect to the ClickShare Base Unit via the corporate wireless infrastructure, instead of via the wireless network of the Base Unit itself. This option lets you avoid adding additional access points in your Wi-Fi environment.

The signal strength modulation function, which limits the reach of the Base Unit. This function not only allows more ClickShare units to be integrated in a limited space – the section of the building that contains a lot of meeting rooms – but also prevents connections from outside the room.