Since 2016, the majority Barco’s various departments in Belgium have been gradually united on the new campus in the Beneluxpark in Kortrijk.

According to the company, the ‘One Campus’ symbolises ‘One Barco’, signifying not only a change in physical location but also a shift towards a unified organisational culture. “The move represents a whole new way of working, where transparency, flexibility and interaction are key. As a final step, the manufacturing sites of Kortrijk and Kuurne are now heading to the new campus too,” the company states.

The new manufacturing site, called ‘The Engine’, is connected to the main campus building, called ‘The Circle’, in the same way as ‘The Pulse’, which houses central services is connected to ‘The Lab’, the home of the research and development team. The move to the new site is part of the ‘Focus To Perform Programme’, a larger strategic initiative that focuses on operational excellence. Automation and the implementation of new, innovative technologies as well as the involvement of employees were key pillars, and will remain instrumental in the further development of the new factory.

“The new site, and accompanying infrastructure, offers a strong base for gradually improving our efficiency and will help us to respond quickly to new market trends,” says Filip Deruijck, Barco’s vice president of operations in Belgium. “The design of the manufacturing floor, for example, is flexible and multifunctional. Through automation and innovation, we can shorten lead times and increase production. It’s how we can keep delivery times short and produce cost-effectively, also in Belgium.”  This new approach translates into economies of scale. In the course of 2018, Barco will incorporate the production activities of its Norwegian site in Kortrijk too.

The core of the factory for the future is a clever way of working that encompasses different pillars. This includes digitally connecting employees and systems worldwide as well as automating the warehouse (planned for 2019) and certain assembly activities. At the same time, existing processes are being reviewed and optimised by involving employees, building on their know-how and implementing bottom-up improvement projects.

Filip Deruijck adds: “People remain one of our key assets. As a result of the move, employees get a much better view of each other’s activities. This not only leads to better mutual understanding, but it also stimulates cross-fertilisation of knowledge and ideas, resulting in a more efficient way of working.”

Barco manufactures projectors, engines, subassemblies, lamps, cooling, medical displays, LED and networking products in The Engine. The move of the manufacturing sites brings an additional 250 people to the new campus. Kuurne remains the logistics hub in Belgium, from where all products will be shipped.