Barco will demonstrate NeoLogica’s universal viewing solution allowing any DICOM
image to be displayed anytime, anywhere, on any device.
NeoLogica’s Innovative RemotEye Viewer software module facilitates viewing a
multitude of patient image types of the wide array of Barco’s medical display
diagnostic features.

Barco, a global leader in healthcare imaging, will use NeoLogica’s RemotEye Suite
universal viewing solution software to enrich and simplify radiology and breast
imaging display demonstrations in the United States and Canada. The software allows
all types of patient images – including 3D mammography – to be displayed in one,
easy-to-use application.

With the growing demand for patient imaging, it is essential to develop solutions that
help radiologists manage the increased workload by enhancing their productivity and
working comfort during long days. Barco offers a rich portfolio of diagnostic display
systems designed to boost clinician’s diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency in
radiology reading rooms.

Coronis UnitiUniversal viewing solution simplifies image presentation across modalities
The NeoLogica RemotEye Suite will allow Barco to easily and efficiently demonstrate
these benefits using a single viewing application that showcases its diagnostic display
capabilities in the best light. The software offers full DICOM compliance, a web-based
architecture, cross-platform compatibility, and support for a wide variety of devices.
Simply put, any DICOM image can be displayed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

“We are pleased to partner with NeoLogica to support our sales team with this
innovative solution to power our diagnostic imaging demonstration systems,’
comments Kurt Deyoung, vp sales, hospital accounts. “The RemotEye Suite allows us
to easily display datasets of all types, offering cross-modality support, flexible image-
hanging options, and a rich toolset that enables our team to effectively demonstrate
the unique capabilities of Barco’s display solutions.’

Barco will utilise the RemotEye Suite software to demonstrate the complete line of
Coronis and Nio display systems – featuring the award-winning, multi-modality
Coronis Uniti® and Coronis Fusion 6MP – educating radiologists on the wide array of
diagnostic features for viewing a multitude of patient image types.

Ideal collaboration based on industry-leading innovation
NeoLogica designs and develops advanced software solutions in the medical imaging
field, with the RemotEye Suite its flagship product.

“We are proud to have established this partnership with Barco, which is globally
recognised as the reference within the industry when it comes to quality of medical
displays. I am sure our RemotEye Suite product, and more specifically our RemotEye
Viewer software module, together with the dedication and professionalism of our
technical staff, will provide all the support Barco needs to showcase the full and
impressive potential of their latest medical display solutions,” Marco Sambin, CEO and
co-founder for NeoLogica.

NeoLogica was founded in 2002, specialising in the medical imaging and DICOM
environments. All medical imaging software products are fully DICOM-compliant,
based on software layers that NeoLogica developed from the ground up. Today
NeoLogica has customers all around the world, including Europe, North America, Latin
America, Australia, Asia, and Africa.