Barco is expanding their laser-illuminated cinema projector portfolio with two high-
contrast flagship laser projectors for premium cinema screens and five new laser
phosphor projectors for small to large screens.

Following their flagship DP4K-L laser projectors and 2K CLP series of laser phosphor
projectors, Barco is now bringing laser benefits to all cinema screens with the
introduction of the 2K SLP series for small to mid-size screens and the 2K/4K BLP
range for mid-size to large screens. The 6P RGB high-contrast range doubles the
contrast of Barco’s current flagship laser projectors and provides exhibitors with an
even broader choice in the Premium Large Format (PLF) segment.

“Exhibitors are continuously looking for ways to improve the movie experience
while optimizing their cinema operations to minimize costs,’ comments Stijn
Henderickx, VP Cinema at Barco. “We bring laser benefits to all cinema screens.
From the ultra-bright, high-contrast 6P RGB flagship laser projectors to our cost-
effective laser phosphor projectors, we provide the widest range of DCI-compliant
laser-illuminated cinema projectors in the industry. This enables every exhibitor to
tap into laser projection – irrespective of screen size, theatre size, or budget.’

What you need to know about the new ranges

The high-contrast 6P RGB laser cinema projectors for premium screens provide:

• Exceptional image quality for white and silver screens
• Very high contrast and stunning brightness
• Simplified operations
• Reduced operation expenses

The 2K and 4K laser phosphor projectors for small to large movie screens offer:

• Reduced total cost of ownership
• Superior image quality
• Unprecedented ease of mind

Barco will showcase their full laser projection portfolio at Booth 301 at CineAsia
2016 − from 6-8 December at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong