As part of its ongoing commitment to providing innovative products for the fixed install and event markets, Barco is introducing a whole new range of laser projectors, the XDL. Designed specifically for very large venues and events, the XDL is powerful, offering stunning Rec. 2020 colour, super-crisp images, remarkable contrast and native 4K resolution up to 120Hz. The XDL will be launched to coincide with InfoComm 2018.

The current market trend is clearly moving towards creating higher impact experiences. To deliver that result, professionals demand increased colour performance and contrast. The XDL series offers unparalleled brightness compared with other laser projectors – up to a massive 75k lumens – that provide images with extraordinary colours from a single unit. So professionals can play with bigger screens resulting in higher impact experiences while removing complexity from installations.

  • Rec 2020 colours
  • Up to 75K lumens
  • Native 4K resolution up to 120Hz
  • Superior 3D performance

For Barco product manager Stefan Vandemaele, the new projectors offer two powerful benefits to large events: superb images and power. “With the XDL series, we have been able to combine the best of two worlds,” he says. “Extraordinary colours thanks to a laser light source known from our Flagship cinema projector and state-of-the-art image processing from our best-selling UDX events projector.

Easy to set up and use

Installing one projector is always easier than having to install several and create blends to produce the brightness required in the environment. It means less equipment to transport and makes set-up far less complicated. XDL speeds up the installation process by reducing cable hassle and alignment time. The projectors provide an exceptional lens shift of up to 100% allowing for versatility in installation. The images are easily matched to the projection surface with the onboard real-time warping and blending feature. And thanks to their modular design, servicing becomes a breeze.

Lower running costs, smart investment

When it comes to TCO, the XDL is a smart investment. Companies that already own Barco XLD+ lenses will be able to reuse them on the XDL projectors. Leveraging a laser light source, image flicker and lamp-related costs and maintenance (such as lamp replacements) are eliminated. Compared to xenon projectors, the XDLs also consume 40% less power and ensure minimum downtime. What’s more, the XDL input is already 8K-ready which makes it a future-proof investment

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