Acoustic & Lighting System (A&L) successfully held an open-house event on 17
November 2015 to introduce Clay Paky’s The Projectors series: the Scenius, Mythos,
Supersharpy and Stormy. A&L held a similar show in Singapore earlier this year,
and chose to repeat their success in Kuala Lumpur to welcome the Scenius, the
latest member of the series. The open-house event was held in conjunction with
Clay Paky at Bentley’s Auditorium, located in the heart of Mutiara Damansara.

A&L put special effort into carefully selecting the venue. “It took us quite a while to
find the right place. We had to consider some special factors when choosing the
venue,” explained Eric Loo, who was in charge of finding the site for this event. “We
knew the capabilities of these lights. In order to show off their full potential, the
height and length of the venue were crucial. Access to a power supply and the
convenience of the site for our invited guests were other important factors’.

The event lasted from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and saw over fifty attendees, including
rental firms, broadcasters, system integrators and consultants. There were a total
of twenty-seven Clay Paky lighting fixtures, nineteen of which were from The
Projectors series. The demo was accompanied by an official promotional video by
Clay Paky, projected by two Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors onto a 10×30 ft screen.
Alfonso Zarate Takano, Clay Paky Asia-Pacific Area Sales Manager, and Giulia
Sabeva, a Clay Paky Sales Support Engineer, were also present. Giulia Sabeva, who
has been involved in various lighting events, brought the lights to life.

The first light to take the stage in the video was the Supersharpy, the successor of
the Sharpy. It is an ACL beam type moving head with a 470 W – 7800 K lamp. Four
units were used in the event to show off its power: it is three times brighter than
the Sharpy. Its ability to throw its beam long distances with precision left the guests
in awe. The next light to make an appearance was the Mythos. With eighteen fixed
gobos and six rotating gobos, the Mythos was build for versatility. A total of four
units were used in the demo. Next up was the Stormy with its strong and punchy
light, which took the guests by surprise. Attendees saw its superiority as an
advanced strobe light. Four white and four RGB Stormy units were used. The
Stormy innovates tradition since it uses LED technology, while retaining all the
charm of a classic strobe. Its ability to turn off so much more smoothly than
traditional strobes is extraordinary. Last but not least, the latest addition to the
Projectors family, the Scenius, stole the show.

The Scenius is a new moving head spotlight, which caught the guests’ attention,
since it generates an easily visible cone-shaped beam. Its advanced optical unit and
new 1400 W OSRAM discharge lamp produce a much higher light output than
previous generation 1500 W lamps. The Scenius provided the audience with a
spectacular colour show with fluid colour changes produced by its CMY system,
seven-colour wheel and linear CTO filter. With its 8°-50° zoom, the Scenius is
suitable for every occasion, whether it be in a theatre or at live events.