ClearOne has engineered a line of digital video processing and management products
that achieves the trifecta of low bandwidth, low latency and unsurpassed image
quality using existing IP networks. According to Lewis Eig, ClearOne sales director,
network video and audio distribution, the company’s recently expanded VIEW Pro line
of media encoders and decoders, along with the powerful new PANORAMA™ videowall
software license, gives integrators and end users today’s simplest, most install-ready
system that delivers top-quality video to any number of displays at any resolution,
including uniquely sized LED screens.

“The VIEW Pro line of multimedia streaming hardware offers any business of any size
the opportunity to add HD video and multimedia distribution to their existing data
infrastructure,’ Eig said. “Our advanced decoding and encoding algorithms and
hardware eliminate the need for additional data lines and expensive construction,
lowering the cost and install time for organizations looking to upgrade the digital
media capabilities and quality of their office, retail location or public space.’

With various rack-mount components, as well as the industry’s most compact
decoding options, offering H.264 compression, 24-bit color, up-to 1080p resolution at
60 FPS, ultra-low latency, video windowing and advanced content control, the VIEW
Pro line is unmatched in scalability and maximizes the potential of any digital display
network, whether in a new construction or renovation environment. The mass
proliferation of H.264 endpoints (IP cameras, mobile devices, PC streaming, digital
signage players, video recorders) means that many businesses and organisations
already have compatible components, and by sending the video signal over IP, the
VIEW Pro system eliminates the need for additional encoders, decoders and other

“VIEW Pro is simply the most adaptable, capable video processing and management
solution for needs ranging from a single videowall to a large video distribution
network,’ Eig added. “Our node-based approach means that any display or source can
be mapped down to the pixel, allowing users to achieve the full potential of their
displays and offer full controls such as cropping, scaling and overlaying in real time,
windowing, and even window rotating to display landscape or portrait images and
videos. Additionally, our ultra-low latency allows us to work in the most critical
environments, including live streaming and keyboard transport for KVM extension

The VIEW Pro line’s vast usability is thanks in part to its powerful PANORAMA™ and
CONSOLE® software that allows operators to manage any display of any shape, size or
resolution, which is becoming more important as companies opt for LED displays with
dimensions and pixel counts outside the 1080p or 4K standards. These easy-to-use
software controls allow companies to easily manage multi-panel videowalls, multi-
display distributed video networks, and even turn a single display into a videowall by
displaying multiple sources in windows. The power of VIEW Pro in these situations
lives in the nodes or endpoints, so as the system grows, its windowing and video wall
processing power grows too, making for an extremely cost-effective and scalable
system for large and small videowall projects alike.