Crestron recently announced that it has expanded its enterprise audio solutions in
EMEA with two new modular amplifiers, the AMP-225 and AMP-150-100, and its new
line of Vector™ performance loudspeakers, which are engineered to deliver premium
sound quality in a small footprint in large commercial spaces.

New quarter-rack modular amplifiers
The AMP-225 (two channels @ 25W each 8 ohm) and AMP-150-100 (one channel @
50W 100V) provide convenient professional performance, EnergyStar certification,
built-in fault protection, and modular construction. Thanks to their innovative slide-rail
design and compact quarter-rack size, multiple units can be ganged together in a
single rack space for maximum flexibility. These new amps can also be combined with
Crestron half-rack amps, the AMP-1200 and AMP-2100, for a 1 RU solution, or
surface-mounted under a table.

New Vector performance loudspeakers
The new line of Vector performance medium-throw loudspeakers are engineered for
use in large commercial spaces, such as auditoriums, lecture halls, corporate town
halls, and divisible rooms. Vector loudspeakers are designed to work with Avia™
DSPs, the groundbreaking Avia Audio Tool, and the new Crestron high-powered
amplifiers to deliver greater performance than other loudspeakers in their class.

Vector loudspeakers leverage the precision signal processing within Avia DSPs to
greatly reduce harsh-sounding resonances and sound colouration caused by horn
reflections while retaining nuances of the original signal. The result is an extremely
natural sounding room system with superior pattern control, higher gain before
feedback, and improved intelligibility.

The Avia Audio Tool provides a powerful and intuitive workspace that streamlines
audio design and programming. New controls and functions can be added on-the-fly,
so programmers no longer need to “re-wire and recompile’ to make changes.

“Crestron has everything you need to deliver best-in-class audio performance in any
space throughout an enterprise,’ said Dennis Fink, Technology Manager, Professional
Audio at Crestron. “From DSPs and amplifiers to architectural speakers and high-
performance loudspeakers, Crestron gives you robust, easy to scale solutions for a
wide range of rooms.’