Easy to install into any meeting room table or lectern, Crestron’s new FlipTops conceal connections in stunning new industrial designs, blending machined metal textures in both black and alloy finishes. When a meeting requires AV, touching a single button on the FlipTop activates the door, which opens and tucks away, revealing everything necessary to power, rapidly charge and connect devices such as a laptop or tablet, and start presenting. A comprehensive line of accessories ranging from retractors to international power modules accompanies the new models.

Revolutionary dashboard forward design
Inside the FlipTops, the design differences between past cable management systems and the new are immediately apparent thanks to their intuitive and sensible design. Instead of seeing screw heads and gaps in a deep, dark compartment, the new FlipTops conveniently present everything you need level with the tabletop. The interior is finely fitted together to luxury automobile dashboard standards (i.e. there are no gaps between modules, no visible screw heads, bolts, or fasteners). Each retractor cable has a backlit label. All the cables stand at attention in orderly ranks. Presenters and attendees can quickly find what they need without contortions.

Accelerated installation reduces labour costs
Five new patent-pending technologies combine to make installation quick and straightforward. The enclosure is quickly placed in the table using sophisticated clamping mechanisms the installer swivels into place from above the table.
Modules drop down into any of 12 module spaces. Installers can quickly reconfigure modules from above the table. The bezel snaps into place and is attached via built-in magnets. Under the table, retractors and power supplies lock into key slots on the side of the enclosure. Cables are managed via a cable tie bar running the length of the FlipTops. Even AC power connections are installed faster since a new FT2 Power Module includes two AC outlets below the table, as well as the user-facing outlets on top.

A wide range of AC power modules
The line of accessories includes AC power modules with a wide variety of socket types: USA, EU (Schuko), UK, France/Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Australia/New Zealand/China, and Universal sockets for locations with many international visitors.

USBC/A Rapid Charging Module
New USB-C variable voltage charging enables USB-C devices to automatically get 5V, 9V, 15V or 20V (up to 35 watts) as required via USB-C power delivery. USB-A devices get a full 12-watt rapid charge.

Active conversion 4K cables/retractors/connector plates
Cables that not only pass 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 digital video, but convert DisplayPort®, Mini DisplayPort, and USBC to HDMI® connections without dongles. Cables are available as pass-through cables, gravity retractors, and as electrically clutched one touch retractors. Active, backlit connector plate modules reliably pass 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 digital video, unlike all passive barrel connectors.

Two new models in two new finishes
The FT2-700-MECH is an unpowered mechanical FlipTop that includes 12 plates – 4 blank and eight pass-through plates. It accommodates multiple AC power modules. Optimized, weighted pass through cables, built of a flat cable with low friction jackets are available as accessories.
The FT2-700-ELEC FlipTop includes everything that the MECH version provides, plus a power bus and 24V DC power supply that provides power to each of 12 module spaces. Now, any module can be added, ranging from optional rapid charging USB modules, one-touch electrical cable retractors, and backlit labels on the connector modules and gravity retractors.