Crestron recently announced that its latest DMPS3-4K DigitalMedia™ Presentation
Systems (DMPS3-4K-300-C, DMPS3-4K-200-C), used in conjunction with a family of
Crestron scalers, receivers, transmitters, and touch screens, received approval by
the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) of the U.S. Department of Defense
Information Systems Agency (DISA). The DMPS3-4K-150-C was the first 4K
switching and control solution on the Approved Products List (APL). Based on results
of stringent Information Assurance (IA) assessments of its systems, which were
approved by the Chief of Homeland Security and Information Portfolio, the Crestron
family of products is now listed on DISA’s Unified Capabilities (UC) APL.

The Crestron DMPS3-4K all-in-one presentation systems meet the critical
requirements of the Unified Capabilities Requirements (UCR). The JITC certification
earns the DMPS solutions the highest levels of security clearance and allowing them
to be deployed in highly secure federal government network applications.

“The DMPS3-4K-150-C presentation system was the first 4K switching and control
solution on the Approved Products List (APL). Now, with the addition of the DMPS3-
4K-300 and -200, we have more all-in-one 4K presentation systems you can trust,
providing the most flexibility and enabling our government partners to standardize
on a single platform,’ said Jeremy Button, Director of Federal Government Sales.

The new DMPS3-4K-300 and DMPS3-4K-200 feature 4K60 video switching, full
support for HDCP 2.2, Control Subnet. Setup and touch screen control are simple
using the configuration tool.

DMPS3-4K-300 and -200 combine video switching and scaling up to 4K60, audio
amplification, built-in mic mixing, audio DSP, HDBaseT® connectivity, and a
powerful built-in Crestron 3-Series Control System® all-in-one, eliminating the
need for separate components and connectivity. Plus, with basic plug-and-play
features and the web-based configuration tool, most rooms are fully operational
without any programming.

DMPS delivers bit-for-bit, zero latency HD video switching and display, at a fraction
of the cost of less robust alternatives. It’s fully HDBaseT certified and supports
SNMP, CEC device control, and EDID resolution management.

Designed to reside on enterprise networks, DMPS3-4K systems provide secure,
reliable interconnectivity with IP-enabled touch screens, computers, mobile devices,
video displays, media servers, security systems, lighting, HVAC, and other
equipment – whether on the premises or across the globe.

Crestron JITC Certified products:

• Presentation Systems: DMPS3-4K-300-C, DMPS3-300-C-AEC, DMPS3-4K-200-
C, DMPS3-4K-150-C, DMPS3-4K-100-C, DMPS3-4K-50

• Receivers: DM-RMC-4K-100-C, DM-RMC-4K-SCALER-C, DM-RMC-SCALER-C,

• Transmitters: DM-TX-4K-202-C, DM-TX-4K-302-C, DM-TX-201-C, DM-TX-200-
C-2G, DM-TX-401-C

• 3-Series Control Systems: CP3N, PRO3, AV3

• Switchers: DM-MD8X8, DM-MD16X16, DM-MD32X32

• DM® Input Card: DMC-4K-C-DSP-HDCP2


• Output Card for DM Switchers: DMC-4K-CO-HD-HDCP2

• Modular Output Card: DMC-4K-HDO

• VGA/Video Input Card for DM Switchers: DMC-VGA

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