FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System from Crestron provides a configurable control and connectivity solution in a stylish, flush mount tabletop design. Features an integrated 3-Series® control processor, 5″ colour touch screen with Smart Graphics™, Rava™, and H.264 streaming video. It is configurable with versatile combinations of pullout cables, cable retractors, connector panels, and AC power outlets. New universal cutout size fits all new and future FlipTops™.

A FlipTop Touch Screen Control System is an ideal complement to a DigitalMedia™ system or any other AV system. It provides an intuitive and inviting “front end’ for the more complex and mundane technology beneath the tabletop and throughout the room. The integrated touch screen and control processor can provide total control for an entire room, offering a fully-customizable user interface for selecting presentation sources, adjusting audio levels, dimming the lights, and even calling for lunch service. Advanced capabilities include displaying full-motion video and hands-free audio conferencing.