Meeting the commercial AV industry’s demand for a robust, all-encompassing automation platform, Nortek Security & Control recently introduced ELAN® to InfoComm 2018 attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

While ELAN is recognized in the residential channel as a user-intuitive and installer-friendly platform, NSC senior director of marketing Bill Hensley said that ELAN is increasingly being used in commercial projects that require full management over sub-systems like audio, video, security, lighting and climate.

“Commercial installers are already leveraging the same features and capabilities that make ELAN great for residential projects in their hotel, restaurant, corporate, and commercial building projects,” he said. “ELAN enables the integrated management of all connected sub-systems that a business needs to operate efficiently, from temperature management of the walk-in cooler to the integration of the surveillance and security system, to full management of the AV system.”

With a tap on a touchscreen or mobile app, staff members can control climate and lighting, access security and video cameras, manage music and video content and more from one seamless interface on an app or smartphone. For example, a restaurant facility may need to incorporate different audio feeds into each dining area within the space to cultivate varying atmospheres. “For example, the audio might need to be louder outside, while playing softer – or an entirely different soundtrack – inside,” Hensley said. “ELAN makes it easy to personalize each space to operate as a separate ‘zone’ or to group these zones on-the-fly as the occasion.”

ELAN automates routine control through customized “events” and schedules, making facility management easier than ever. For example, a facility’s thermostats, shades and lighting can be scheduled for proper ambience throughout operating hours, freeing the staff to focus on the customers.

“ELAN makes it easy for commercial installers to deliver a seamless management experience to their customers,” Hensley concluded.