Neets Switching Relay – 8 provides total relay control in complex applications such as larger corporate conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Automatic, programmable power is provided for all devices requiring AC power on / off: projector lifts, screens, curtains and architectural lighting. Multiple relay activations can be immediate and simultaneous, or configured for activation in a timed sequence.

Neets Switching Relay – 8 incorporates a full range of options for real-time system control, including RS-232, IR or LAN. The unit is designed to join AV control systems, to facilitate seamless integrated relay switching functions.

All functions are easily configurable through LAN using Neets configuration software or third party systems, making the Switching Relay – 8 a valuable tool for demanding applications.

The unique IEC mains adaptor option extends versatility by converting Euroblock relay connectors to standard IEC C13 connectors, thus providing controlled mains power to your entire rack. The IEC mains adaptor is an accessory to Neets Switching Relay – 8 and makes it very simple to forward power to other products in a rack cabinet. It is easy to use and install for a technician and keeps it simple to power up other rack products. All the cables you need are included in the box.

The highlighted features include eight built-in 230V relays, LAN configurable, high or low voltage, eight I/O ports, test buttons with LED status, LAN to RS-232 breakout, and an IEC mains adaptor option.