Essex-based Event Sound & Light (ESL) has become the latest partner to join the
Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker array network after investing in a new MLA Compact
(System 24). The order was fulfilled by Martin Audio dealers, LMC Audio.

Formed in 2003, ESL has built up a reputation for providing complete production
infrastructures, and director Paul Galley knew that with its unique controllability,
the award-winning MLA Compact would enable the company not only to provide
more potent onsite sound for larger audiences than they were able to previously,
but also satisfy the requirements from local councils regarding offsite
environmental noise.

“MLA technology represents a new direction in the way loudspeaker arrays are
configured and controlled,’ he said. “It represents a radical departure from
conventional line array thinking, and delivers much more consistent sound across
the audience.’

The company already had a long-standing relationship with Martin Audio’s Lead
Product Support Engineer, Andy Davies, and it was a product demo arranged by
Martin Audio and LMC Audio at the Bedford Millennium Studios that convinced them.

Initially, two demo rigs were provided — for a festival and a religious event. “The
latter was in a hangar with extreme reverberation time, and since there was trading
taking place on the periphery we had to taper off the sound so the traders could

As a result of this ESL placed an order for 18 MLA Compact cells and six of the large
MLX subs. At the same time they purchased four of Martin Audio’s powerful DD12
Differential Dispersion enclosures for frontfills “which sounded as big as the line
array in its own right,’ according to Paul Galley.

Customer feedback was both immediate and overwhelming. Involved at both events
was ESL’s premier sound engineer, Jason Fenn, who was mixing FOH.

“Working in what was essentially a cavernous and reverberant barn for the religious
event MLA was able to deal with the horrific acoustics incredibly well,’ he said.

The monitor engineers also loved it as MLA is able to create hard avoid areas for
directly behind the array, he said.

In conclusion Paul Galley says, “The word is already out on the street that we have
this system and the councils/clients are noticing that we are taking noise control

“Having MLA means we can now handle bigger events and get the system out on
dry hire within the rental network. As for touring, with MLA appearing increasingly
on riders, this will put us on the radar. We have 12 MLA certified engineers who are
impressed with the ongoing support. It’s reassuring to see that as we have invested
in Martin Audio, so they are returning the favour.’

As for LMC Audio, Will Hinkly supported ESL throughout, recommending MLA in the
first instance and part-exchanging their old system to help fund the investment.