ETC has upgraded the software for its Unison Echo® products, adding powerful new
capabilities to the architectural control system. New features include the ability to
manage tunable white fixtures, adding sequence control to Echo’s DMX controller, and

“The latest Echo software expands the functionality of Echo in exciting directions and
includes new features that our customers have directly asked for,’ said Lowell Olcott,
ETC networking and architectural controls product manager.

This software upgrade now lets users control white-tuning DMX fixtures, choosing the
temperature that best suits the space. Echo’s ability to control colour-tuning fixtures
has also been expanded, allowing users to mix a chosen temperature of white as well
as colours. The EchoAccess mobile application has undergone a graphics upgrade to
ensure users can easily customise the look and feel of their system.

DMX functionality has also been expanded. Sequence control gives users the ability to
introduce automated, dynamic colour control to their environments by stringing
simple presets together. And a new trigger function allows the Echo DMX Scene
Controller to interface seamlessly with external DMX sources. With it, users can
dictate how the system should behave if a more sophisticated DMX source is plugged
in, or what to do if a primary DMX source is lost.

Echo stations and sensors can now control presets in multiple spaces. This allows a
single button push to control a number of rooms including the ability to turn off lights
in multiple spaces. Echo photo sensors have a new option to prevent the sensor from
raising levels in a preset purposefully set to a lower level. This is useful in classrooms
with projectors and many other installations.

Echo’s expanded capabilities will be included in every new Echo product. Many existing
products can also make use of these new features with a software upgrade.

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